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Giving the Gift of Access

We are grateful for the ability to give children access to medical care they otherwise would not receive. This month our focus is geared toward La Merced, Peru; a community that would greatly benefit from gaining tools to address a prevalent pediatric concern: anemia.

Project Kodaikanal: A Hard Look At The Facts

Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station city in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nandu. The city earned its name as “gift of the forest” in Tamil, from its lush nature and mountainous terrain. Despite its natural beauty, health systems have struggled to make progress in serving this community. Malnutrition in children is common, and can lead to many problems for children's health. These issues have led FIMRC to focus on nutrition and medical care in local crèches, a child care center that also incorporate schooling and health services.

A Shared Challenge

Remember Tatiana, our Field Operations Manager in Costa Rica? Remember working with Tatiana in the psychology program? Recently she teamed up with psychologist Andrea Sosa, a Master's student in clinical psychology at the University of Costa Rica to help two sisters showing behavioral problems.