Meet FIMRC's Staff!

This is going to be a record summer for us with almost 400 volunteers going to our eight project sites! In the midst of preparing for all of our volunteers, we have decided to add a few more staff members to our project sites. Please welcome Dinah, Anthony, and Margarita!

Meet Dinah Sandoval, Project Peru Field Operations Manager!

Dinah Sandoval is a California native but considers herself to be a citizen of the world. She holds a Bachelor Degree in International Relations and a Bachelor Degree in Italian.  Born to Mexican parents, Dinah speaks Spanish fluently and while studying abroad in Sweden picked up some Swedish. Upon graduating from San Francisco State University, she decided to apply to the Peace Corps – a lifelong dream. The Peace Corps took her to Botswana where she fell in love with Southern African sunsets and discovered that she would dedicate her life availing or increasing access to health services for underserved populations.  In an effort to increase access to health services for the North West region of Botswana, Dinah teamed up with community stakeholders, the Ministry of Health, Peace Corps, and the private sector to put on a Half Marathon, 5k, and Health Expo which led to the procurement of a mobile clinic. The mobile clinic provides health access to 12 communities in that region. The project was recognized by the US Ambassador to Botswana as a model of Private Public Partnerships.

Her love for exploring new places and cultures, Dinah is excited to discover a new region where she will get to work closely with the indigenous communities of Peru.

Say "Hola!" to Anthony Nardone, Project Limón's Volunteer Coordinator!

Born and raised in coastal New Jersey, Anthony is committed to researching and combating health inequities around the globe. After graduating from Boston University with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2011, Anthony spent most of his time traveling to different regions of the globe in between stints of working in biotechnology and hospitality, Along his travels, he discovered his passion for culture, people, and social justice, which has lead him to his current post as Volunteer Coordinator at Project Limón. When Anthony is not at the clinic, you most likely will find him surfing in Popoyo or Playa Santana. 

Bievenidos a Margarita Velasco, Project Huancayo's Site Coordinator!

Margarita Velasco, from Lima, lived for a number of years in the US working on health research. Now, back in Perú and as site coordinator in Huancayo she aims to help volunteers work to achieve the goals of our different partners.

We are so excited to welcome our additional staff and volunteers this summer!!