Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

This summer, our three scholarship winners, Khristina Cassanova, Alexis Strahan, and Nekhaila Tyson, each decided to step out of their comfort zones and volunteer with FIMRC. 

Each person’s reason for deciding to travel abroad is unique. Alexis was inspired by a previous trip to Uganda and based on her experience, she knew that FIMRC’s dedication to ethical and sustainable programming made it the right organization for her. 

bududa alexis1.png

“FIMRC’s mission and its framework for involvement at each of their sites are centered around community-based, sustainable health outreach efforts. They don’t work for the community they are serving; they work alongside the communities,” said Alexis, who volunteered at Project Bududa, Uganda

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For Nekhaila, her decision to volunteer abroad was incredibly personal and influenced by her own upbringing in the Carribean. 

“Growing up in an underserved community myself, I have seen firsthand how health inequity and the lack of health education can determine someone’s life or death, especially children,” she shared. 

During her time at Project Cavite, Philippines, Nekhaila focused on pediatric care, spending time at the Cancer Institute of Manila creating art with pediatric patients.

Khristina took inspiration from her late mother, who passed away nine years ago, when she decided to volunteer at Project La Merced, Peru

“My mother is the person who has truly shown me why I should help people in their time of need. She was the most selfless person I have ever known. Her humbleness and kindness always shined through. I carry her legacy through my everyday actions. I make sure to strive to touch even one person's life, because of how much my mother's influence encouraged me,” she shared. 

While each of our scholarship winners was motivated to volunteer for different reasons and have different backgrounds, the one thing they have in common is a passion for improving healthcare for children and families around the world.

“We all have different perspectives, skills, connections, and opportunities, so if we learn how to work together and empower each other I know that positive health trends will continue. I encourage anyone who is thinking about volunteering abroad to take the plunge. Leap outside of your comfort zone and use your own skills to make the world a little bit better. ” Alexis said. 

Scholarship applications for winter travel are now open through October 19, 2019. Apply today!