Summer International Health Fellowship : Project Limón

Project Limón had sixteen SIHF participants during June and July, each of the sixteen stayed with a host family for the month while they worked on individual projects (some for double sessions!) that will make a lasting impact on the communities surrounding Project Limón.

Similar to SIHF in Project Restauración, SIHFers were assigned a project that our staff felt met each Fellow's set of skills and interests. The participants worked closely with FOM Jessica and Volunteer Coordinator Anthony to get started on their projects. Our Summer International Health Fellows in Nicaragua are Katherine Hesketh, Xin Zhang, Daniel Weng, Ashley Martin, Laurel Spotton, Jessie Li, Samantha Cook, Kat Hoffman, Dena Ballouz, Jamie Dodge, Blaire Burstein, Kathryn Kaufmann, Michaela Kehoe, Jolie Blair, Lindsey Peragallo, and Brianna Mark. 

Below, you'll find a few of the projects from SIHF Nicaragua 2015!

Projects - Below Are The Descriptions Of Each Fellow's Project And The Processes Of Creating And Implementing Each Project

Los Pipitos Developmental Group

This project was taken on by Samantha Cooke, Katherine Hesketh, Jessie Li, & Laurel Spotton. The purpose of this project was to improve the therapeutic parameters at the Los Pipitos Developmental Group by expanding upon the knowledge of physical and learning disabilities in order to provide more targeted treatment for each child.  This group learned a lot about how developmental disabilities are perceived in Nicaraguan culture and were able to raise awareness of the program in outlying communities while accomplishing the goals of providing more targeted treatments.

First-Aid Classes

This project was taken on by Xin Zhang and Ashley Martin. The objective of this project was to implement a long term program that provides first-aid classes at parent-teacher meetings. The classes created were divided into three modules: how to properly clean cuts, how to treat burns, how to perform bystander CPR. The Fellows were able to teach First-Aid to 13 students and now the project is being passed on to FIMRC interns. In their final project, the interns said "Through this experience, we have both learned how important health literacy is for the health of a community. As future health professionals, our jobs do not end at treating a disease, but extends to teaching the public how to prevent diseases.".

Los Pipitos Activities

This project was taken on by Session II SIHFers Blaire Burstein, Kathryn Kaufmann, and Jolie Blair The goal of this project is to increase the number of hands on activities that both physically and mentally stimulate the kids at Los Pipitos. The group created different stimulating activities for those with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy including art therapy, dance therapy, and aquatic therapy. The Fellows found that students were able to retain some identification of at least one more color or name when asked to identify either. Between the first session and the last session, using the evaluations, students were able to visually identify colors and verbally.

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