SIHF 2018 Impact Report

FIMRC’s 2018 Summer International Health Fellowship has now come and gone and we have so much to show for it! In our programs grew and we 2018 thanks to the amazing fellows we had at our project sites. Each fellow left a distinct impression on FIMRC, the work we do, and on the communities and people we work with. We did so much, and we are so grateful for the work these folks put in!

Though we cannot fully capture the effect our fellows had on FIMRC and our patients and community members, we hope to at least put some of it on paper and share it with you! Here is our 2018 SIHF Impact Report to share how much they really accomplished. Please read it over, share it, and help us show how amazing these fellows were.

If you are interested in being a part of this movement for positive change and growth in developing communities, begin your registration today! Enrollment for SIHF 2019 is now open. Visit to learn more and start planning an unforgettable, meaningful summer.