Global Efforts


Global (adjective):

  1. Relating to the whole world, worldwide
  2. Relating to or embracing the whole of something, or of a group of things
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FIMRC is global: we have sites in 9 countries, on 3 continents. Our site locations span from the Philippines, over 10,000 miles to our site in Costa Rica. The places we work are so varied and so far apart, that geographically we are a world-wide organization. Yet this is not what matters to us. What allows us to be sustainable, ethical, and create change within communities, is being an organization of global individuals.



To us being a global individual means to look to find ways to relate to the whole world, and to yearn be a part of the entire world as much as we can. These individuals aim to be brought together with people from all over the world to share experiences, find common ground, and to help move each other forward.


By having volunteers come and work at health projects in the places that they are most needed, we hope to develop a community of people who are as much members of a global community as they are in their hometowns and organizations. We want to help develop people who know that the distances and borders between us matter not. We hope for a FIMRC family that recognizes our similarities first; in our humanity, our interests, and our desires. That understanding helps us fulfill our mission to provide access to medical care for underprivileged and medically underserved families around the world.


As an organization we strive to be global, but as individuals we must try for it too. Just as our projects are all over the world, so should our thoughts, concerns and hearts. With each person that comes through and has been a volunteer, patient, educator, ambassador, fellow, participant, or employee of FIMRC we strive to connect them to the world and inspire to develop and foster a sense of community to people everywhere.


To join the FIMRC Family on our global mission, join us abroad as a volunteer!