Corporate Partners Bring Essential Skills and Expertise to FIMRC Sites Worldwide

Partners are a vital part of FIMRC’s work worldwide to improve access to healthcare for children and families. Our partners bring new skills, expertise, and fresh ideas to our sites. Many of our partners serve annually, helping FIMRC build sustainable programs while witnessing the long term impact they are making first-hand. Recently, we’ve had the privilege of working with several corporate partners who volunteered at our sites and contributed much-needed supplies, medication, and medical services.  Here are just some of the examples of these amazing partners and their contributions so far this year!



FIGS, a medical scrub company, partnered with FIMRC through its Threads for Threads initiative. In addition to FIGS’ commitment to donate 1,500 pairs of scrubs to Project Huancayo, Peru, its team also developed different models for volunteer opportunities for FIGS staff and medical professionals. FIGS volunteers provided training to local providers, developed and implemented a health initiative project, and immersed themselves in the local culture to get a first-hand understanding of the challenges of providing healthcare in resource-limited settings. We are so grateful for this partnership and are excited about what the future holds with FIGS.    

International American Medical Mission (IAMM)

The International American Medical Mission (IAMM) aims to bring health, hope, and healing to those who lack access to proper medical care. IAMM partnered with FIMRC in 2019 to provide five days of mobile clinic primary care in the Dominican Republic. During their volunteer trip, the IAMM team provided essential medication and treatment options as part of the services provided to communities FIMRC serves at Project Restauracion. Because this site doesn’t have a stand-alone FIMRC clinic, the opportunity to offer IAMM’s services via our mobile clinics was an important addition to the care provided by local clinics on a regular basis.

Gundersen Global Partners


Gundersen Global Partners aims to develop long-term, sustainable relationships, and community-to-community partnerships that expand beyond Gundersen Health System's typical borders. In March, Global Partners provided a medical brigade focused on vision screenings to our site in Costa Rica.  This is an essential service for our patient population in Costa Rica, which is largely comprised of Nicaraguan Refugees who do not have access to Costa Rica’s healthcare system. In addition to the vision screenings, the group came equipped with eyeglasses and other supplies needed for the clinics. Global Partners is a great example of how our partners are able to offer a necessary service that FIMRC otherwise could not provide. 


Photo Credit: Brian Baldrati/@isthisreal for DripDrop

Photo Credit: Brian Baldrati/@isthisreal for DripDrop

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “diarrhea occurs worldwide and causes 4 percent of all deaths and 5 percent of health loss to disability. It is most commonly caused by gastrointestinal infections which kill around 2.2 million people globally each year, mostly children in developing countries.”  Dehydration is a major side effect of these diarrheal infections. But thanks to our partnership with DripDrop, an oral rehydration company founded by a physician who saw the life-saving potential of a great tasting and accessible oral rehydration solution, we are now able to provide life-saving rehydration solutions to children and adults alike at all 10 of our FIMRC sites.  In addition, DripDrop plans on having staff visit our sites to see the impact that they are having first hand alongside physician and founder Eduardo Dolhun, MD, providing medical services. 

Through our diverse and impactful partners, FIMRC can expand the health services we provide around the world. We hope to continue to grow our relationships with our existing partners as well as discover new partners and opportunities to further our mission to improve access to healthcare around the world.

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