Preventing Chikungunya at FIMRC Project Sites

Since it was first reported earlier this year, we have been monitoring the spread of the chikungunya virus as outbreaks occur across the Caribbean and Central America. Our efforts at our project sites, specifically Project Restauración, Project Limón, and Project Las Delicias, have been focused on preventing the spread of the virus.

Similar to dengue fever, chikungunya is spread by mosquitos and results in fever, joint pain, and headaches. Because there is no vaccine to protect against chikungunya, our efforts have been focused on prevention through education and the use of mosquito nets and bug spray. Our staff at Project Restauración has completed home visits to assess the knowledge about the virus in the community as well as to inform community members if they are at risk for chikungunya because of standing water near their home. Health educators at Projects Limón and Las Delicias are have been leading discussions and creating charlas for local schools and health groups to spread the word about prevention.

As we closely monitor the spread of chikungunya, we will continue to inform the communities where we work about preventing the virus to protect the people we serve.

For more information about chikungunya, prevention, symptoms and treatment, visit the CDC's website here.

Posted on August 21, 2014 and filed under News from the FIMRC Field.