Fall Chapter Tours: Top Takeaways

Each year, FIMRC's Chaptership Team has the opportunity to meet with our different chapters across the country. This fall, we hit the road up and down the East Coast to meet with Executive Boards and Chapter members to learn more about what makes each Chapter different, best practices for fundraising, and how we can better support them with resources.We realize it is a huge responsibility to have an active Chapter on campus and we appreciate all of the hard work our members have been doing already this school year! Some of our top takeaways are:

  1. Restaurant percentage events are a great way to fundraise. When we visited our Chapters at University of Maryland and Virginia Commonwealth University, we were able to go to two of their restaurant events - one for lunch and one for dessert :) Many local restaurants are excited to help out local Chapters by donating 5-10% of their profits from the day.
  2. Utilize campus representatives to sponsor your events! Our Chapter at the University of Connecticut got an energy drink representative from their school to sponsor their Trick-or-Treat 5K. 
  3. ASK US QUESTIONS! FIMRC Chapters encompass so many different things - traveling, volunteering, and fundraising - and that can get confusing! If you're unsure about sending in your volunteer roster or need a W-9 form for a fundraiser, all you have to do is ask! :)

Thanks to our Chapters at University of Massachusetts-Boston, Harvard, Brown, Roger Williams University, University of Connecticut, Yale, Rutgers, Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, and Virginia Commonwealth University for taking the time to meet with us this fall!

Posted on October 28, 2015 and filed under Chaptership, Chapter Highlights.