Chaptership Awards Fall 2013

Thank you so much to all of our amazing FIMRC Chapters for all of their hard work in the Fall of 2013! After much deliberation, we are happy to announce the winners of the Chaptership Awards for Fall 2013. And the winners are...


Fall 2013 Semester Awards

Most Unique Fundraiser

- Roger Williams University for their Grilled Cheese Fundraiser where they made grilled cheese sandwiches and delivered them around campus (and made $300 in 3 hours!)


Best Community Outreach

- Rowan SOM-GSBS for their work with Virtua Hospital - members participated in the treating and diagnosis of Teddy Bears and Dolls of School aged children

- University of Sydney for their continued work with the Ronald McDonald House


Best On-Campus Outreach

- University of Georgia for their International Coffee Hour with over 300 in attendance!


Best Recruiting Activities

- Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - School of Pharmacy - BBQ and Pool Party to recruit new members


Best New Chapters (obviously, we couldn't pick just one!)

- Michigan State University

- Muhlenberg FIMRC

- University of Wisconsin LaCrosse

- Boston College

- Temple University 

- University of Maryland

- Metro Detroit Chapter


Best Use of Social Media

- Rutgers University for their marketing on Facebook and Twitter


Best Exam Event

- UTM FIMRC for their Dance Destressor Event


Best International Outreach

- Brandeis University for their nutrition booklets made for children at Project Limón

- University of Wisconsin - Madison for their pen pal letters to Chicas Maravillas at Project Restauración


Want to find out more about how these chapters' successes last semester? E-mail us at for more information!


Extraordinary FIMRC Members

Michigan State University: Kevin Dyer because he was extremely helpful in founding the chapter and displayed great enthusiasm during his time volunteering at Project Alajuelita!

Clemson University: Jimmy Todd's first year in FIMRC and he has completely embraced the mission and has been a huge asset to our team! His excitement and dedication to the cause is unmatched. He has attended nearly all of our local events this semester, and he has been to every concert and basketball concessions we have had this semester. In addition he participated in the 2nd annual Fall Retreat and was an active participant in our Christmas Project. 

Missouri State University:  Evan Clark has been the member most involved in informing students of the service events for our chapter and works to get as many members to come as possible. We have done quite a few events this semester and he will continue to hold this role in the chapter next semester. 

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Lara Robeznieks' dedication to volunteering and helping children is inspiring. Every year, she consistently volunteers the most number of hours out of anyone else in our chapter. For the past two years, she has served as a volunteer chair for the East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center, and she has done a wonderful job working with the refugee children there.

Rowan SOM-GSBS: Since becoming a member of our organization, Vivek Angara he has participated in almost every event that Rowan SOM-GSBS has hosted this semester and is maintain regular attendance at organization meetings.

University of Michigan: Sheebani Talati has been an extremely involved member. Not only has she come to most of our events but she also does a great job recruiting people and publicizing for them. She is also very involved with the new Outreach Committee and has emailed dozens of doctors about shadowing. She has a lot of energy for FIMRC and definitely spreads this passion to others. Sheebani goes above and beyond dedication, leads other members in our cause and definitely is an extraordinary member!

TTUHSC-SOP:  Michelle Castelli, who is currently our President; she initiated and set up the expansion our TTUHSC chapter to the Abilene Campus. She set up volunteering events for them, and continues to help run them today. Last year, as president-elect, she set up all volunteering and fundraising activites for the chapter and lead the Project Huancayo team!

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