Costa Rica : Caring for Baby Noe

FIMRC's clinic in San Felipe, Alajuelita, our very first project site, was established in January of 2005. At Project Alajuelita, we are focused on providing care for marginalized immigrants that do not qualify for national medical insurance. The Costa Rica teams takes a holistic approach to care by providing primary medical services, psychological counseling, and health education resources. 

During her recent volunteer trip to Costa Rica, photographer and journalist Brittany Salerno documented a patient's well child visit with clinic physician, Karen Herrera. Brittany's film provides a great glimpse into the patient centered care provided at Project Alajuelita. With a lack of health knowledge contributing to many preventable illnesses, Dr. Herrera takes the time to provide her patients (or their caregivers) with proper health education resources. 

Dr. Herrera is also passionate about educating our Global Health Volunteers on common cases that are treated at our clinic. Throughout a patient exam, volunteers have the incredible opportunity to learn about the delivery of care in an underserved community and in a culture often much different than their own. 

For a closer look at care at Project Alajuelita, watch the video below.

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Film credit: Brittany Salerno

Posted on December 22, 2016 and filed under Costa Rica, FIMRC Stories.