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Video Blog from Project La Merced, Peru

2017's #GivingTuesday is just one week away! All donations made on November 28th will benefit Project La Merced in Peru. If you haven't already met these important staff members on site, we're highlighting them through video testimonials. Get acquainted and don't forget to donate one week from today, on Facebook or

Giving the Gift of Access

We are grateful for the ability to give children access to medical care they otherwise would not receive. This month our focus is geared toward La Merced, Peru; a community that would greatly benefit from gaining tools to address a prevalent pediatric concern: anemia.

SIHF Session II : La Merced Video

Adolescents are one of the largest populations we work with at our project site in La Merced, Peru. In order to reach the population within the community, we try to always improve our methods for reaching our target audience. For example, at Project Restauración, we use a combination of video, audio, and hands-on games to teach adolescents in our health groups.

Our SIHF Session II participants at La Merced understand how difficult it can be to keep the attention of teenagers, so they made the following video to show how to effectively communicate with your partner about contraception and sexually transmitted infections. 

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