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Health Development in Ecuador: An MPH Perspective

As a Master's of Public Health student at the University of Missouri and a Clinical Dietician, Rachel spent 6 weeks at Project Anconcito learning about health development of our newest site. Harnessing both her background as a dietician and public health knowledge, she contributed to several programming aspects on site, while also learning about the challenges that come with working in development. Learn about her accomplishments and frustrations from her perspective!

SIHF 2017 Impact Report

Now that the 2017 Summer International Health Fellowship has come to an end, we have had time to debrief with field staff, review monthly reports, and have even had the chance to meet a few of our amazing Summer Health Fellows in person! In order to showcase the accomplishments of our Fellows, we have created a SIHF 2017 Impact Report.

Primary Care At Its Roots

Some say that September is the other January - the school year begins again, the leaves change, the weather cools, and we seem to get a new start. We can go back to basics, back to the primary concept. As we step into September, we can start to remember those building blocks that have gotten us here - we can go back to grassroots.