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Celebrating Strong Moms

This Mother's Day, we're focusing on the moms in the communities where we work. Every day, they show commitment, strength, and courage in working to improve the health in their communities. Read about their stories that illustrate how much our moms care!

How To: Develop a Nutrition Program

Proper nutrition is a focus in many FIMRC project sites and programs, and nutrition has a large impact on health from babies to adults! As Ecuador's site, Project Anconcito, develops out its programming for the community, nutrition education is seen again and again as a needed focus. Volunteer and nutritionist, Holly Ratkovic, and part-time local nutritionist, Estefaniá Tigrero, developed a nutrition program for the at-risk children in Anconcito. Find out what steps they took to address the children and parents' needs within their program!

Guest Blog: Leadership in Medicine

Medical students from Michigan State University, Chris and Lauren, have been spending time completing one of their medical rotations in Ecuador at Project Anconcito! During their time here they've been able to focus on providing access to address the malnutrition and anemia concerns within the community. Overall, they will have spent a month and a half at the project site, providing their expertise but also gaining new perspectives in community development through medicine. Read their blog post below to learn about their experience.