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Video Blog from Project La Merced, Peru

2017's #GivingTuesday is just one week away! All donations made on November 28th will benefit Project La Merced in Peru. If you haven't already met these important staff members on site, we're highlighting them through video testimonials. Get acquainted and don't forget to donate one week from today, on Facebook or

Giving the Gift of Access

We are grateful for the ability to give children access to medical care they otherwise would not receive. This month our focus is geared toward La Merced, Peru; a community that would greatly benefit from gaining tools to address a prevalent pediatric concern: anemia.

A Season of Gratitude

Gratitude is an overwhelming force at each of our project sites. The opportunity to provide access to medical care to under-served populations is an honor. Communities are also grateful for health services and programs made available by FIMRC. This month we are especially thankful for our team in Peru at Project La Merced. With #GivingTuesday approaching, we applaud their accomplishments and hope to advance their progress with the holiday season.