FIMRC is a Family

Family (noun):

A group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation.


“The FIMRC Family” has been a phrase that has permeated much of what we do in our fifteen years of existence. We refer to all of our staff, both stateside and abroad, as a family. When volunteers join us in our mission, they join our FIMRC Family. Although we continue to grow, we will never lose our sense of connection and dedication to each other that helped start this organization and has continued to help us thrive.


As with most families, we lean on each other and have a lot of trust in one another. Our staff on site works hard to provide care and build connections in the communities we partner with, while our HQ team ensures that daily operations and administrative tasks get done. We also rely on our volunteers and chapters to make our undertaking possible through their continuous help on site and financial support. Hearing volunteers' stories from our project sites, like watching mothers care for orphans as their own, inspires us to continue working tirelessly.


Another component common in family systems is caring for one another through difficulties. In all 10 of our project sites, we've cared for community members as committed family members would. We provide medical care for individuals when they're sick, and take measures to prevent future illnesses from occurring. We address public health concerns, like providing smokeless cookstoves for families in India, or other home improvements like concrete flooring. We have even provided emergency relief for families devastated by hurricane floods in Nicaragua. As a family, we are committed to serving our population, no matter what!

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Most importantly, for fifteen years FIMRC has made our communities our family. We strive to do the best we can for our global family and for the countless children, mothers, leaders, disadvantaged, and underprivileged individuals we see in our clinics and partnerships. Their best interest is why we exist, and they are the heart of this organization. Our communities have become our homes because of their kindness and gratitude. We cherish each site that has added to our colorful, beautiful family.


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If you want to see what our family is all about, join us as a volunteer!

We offer many volunteer options for all types of service trips.