Introducing: Logan Stiegman

Logan Blog 5.png

Hello everyone! My name is Logan and I am so excited to be involved in the FIMRC family as the Global Health Volunteer Program Manager! My journey with FIMRC started during my freshman year of college in 2013 when I joined the University of Wisconsin-Madison Chapter. I am excited to continue my time with FIMRC at HQ!

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I am from Wisconsin and am a proud Midwesterner! I do love cheese (as I’m sure you assumed), and if you’re ever in the area, you should try some Wisconsin cheese curds! I studied at UW-Madison and graduated with a degree in Genetics and Plant Pathology. I eventually want to go on to pursue medical school and continue to work in public health! My passion for medicine stems from my desire to help others and provide care for underserved populations. This was one of the reasons I was drawn to FIMRC!

Ultimately I joined FIMRC because of the people. The executive board members at the time were very friendly and made me feel welcome. When I came and saw what the organization was all about, I knew it was something I wanted to stay involved in! I went on to serve as treasurer, vice president, and president during my undergraduate career. My chapter was small, but we worked hard to make a difference in our community and fundraised to the best of our ability to help fund adopt-a-projects for our sites abroad. We grew to be a family and had fun while helping others!

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In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, baking, and trivia with a group of pals! I also enjoy all forms of art, from theater to sculpture, and am excited to check out all of the museums Philadelphia has to offer. With two musician parents, music is another of my passions. My favorite artists include David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Florence + the Machine, and, of course, The Beatles!

I look forward to working with our volunteers and making their experience memorable and impactful!