A Shared Challenge

Remember Tatiana, our Field Operations Manager in Costa Rica? Remember working with Tatiana in the psychology program? Recently she teamed up with psychologist Andrea Sosa, a Master's student in clinical psychology at the University of Costa Rica to help two sisters showing behavioral problems.

Due to the seriousness of the situation presented by the girls, bi-weekly sessions were requested. This led the team to decide to request the support of Dr. Karen Wedel. With this collaboration, it was found that the girls had been abused and neglected. The team decided to make a formal complaint to the Office of Child Protection and the Ministry of Health.

Through their efforts, they managed to intervene in the girls' lives, and they were taken to a better place where they can live with the conditions they deserve. Due to the team's commitment to both girls, Tatiana, Andrea, and Karen were able to follow up on their case, and this week they received permission from the institution in which the girls now live to visit them. The team will continue giving them the psychological treatment they were receiving with prior to moving. It has been very complex work and the team has had a great commitment to helping these girls. 

This is just one example of the efforts where collaboration between different professions has a wonderful outcome and a great impact on the patient's life. The psychological services provided by Tatiana, FIMRC staff, and others working with FIMRC not only affects the individuals who they help, but also helps to change perceptions and attitudes within the community. FIMRC, and particularly the staff at Project Alajuelita, are committed to establishing personal relationships with their patients, but also helping the community become healthier as a whole.

*As we could not share pictures of the girls, we instead shared pictures of other therapy groups led by Tatiana, our Project Alajuelita FOM.