How To Give Back


So many of our volunteers gain so much more than they ever expected by traveling with FIMRC. In addition to the medical exposure, they form lasting relationships with FIMRC staff, community members, and other volunteers. Volunteers learn about a different culture, different families, different ways of problem solving. Even just a week at a FIMRC project site can leave quite the imprint on your heart, and impact so much of your future. So, what can you do when the experience leaves more of an impact on you than you could have anticipated? Well, below outlines some ways of providing support when you're not on site with your FIMRC Family:



Returning to the project site is an incredible opportunity that opens even more opportunity to understanding a different culture. Even medical practices are impacted by culture, and there is no better way to learn than immersion. You're able to reconnect with your passion, and rekindle those relationships that will seem like you've never left. And while traveling is one of the best ways to give back to FIMRC, there are many other ways too! Read below about ways to continue the organization that had such a positive effect on your life.


Adopt-a-Project: 100% of the funds raised for each Adopt-a-Project goes directly to the project site. Each site staff develops their needs outside of the FIMRC budget, providing you the opportunity to have a direct impact from afar. To see available Adopt-a-Projects, visit


Start a FIMRC Chapter: FIMRC Chapters have a large impact on the success of FIMRC as an organization through fundraising efforts, group trips, and spreading awareness surrounding FIMRC’s mission. You can start a FIMRC Chapter on your campus, in high school, or within your community! To learn more, visit



General Donation: You can make a donation at any time to FIMRC, and this will help us accomplish our mission of providing medical care within the communities we work. To donate, visit