FIMRC HQ: Intern Intros

It's been almost a month now, and our interns are settling in great! As always they are hard working, dedicated, and so eager to learn about FIMRC. We love having interns work with us throughout the year, as there is so much to learn about the field of global health, but we also learn so much from them! We though we'd take a moment to introduce you to them- we're excited to have them on board!



Audrey, if you remember, interned with us last summer! She was such an awesome component to the team that she came back to help out again this summer. She was one of our youngest interns last year, graduating from high school just this week! Next fall she will be attending Tulane University, and will be taking her entire FIMRC experience with her. Audrey is a great asset to the team because of her previous experience, her willingness to ask questions, and her never-give-up attitude!



Bevyn comes to us from Penn State University, and will be a senior this coming fall. Originally from just outside Philly, Bevyn wanted to take this summer as an opportunity to see FIMRC from a different perspective. You see, she has actually traveled with FIMRC through the Penn State Chapter, most recently to Project Huancayo in Peru! She is also serving on the Executive Board this next year, and is a part of our Alumni Program! Bevyn's first hand experience as a chapter member, volunteer, and now E-Board Officer will help us better serve our chapters in the coming year. Bevyn has already proven to be a great fit with the team, completing projects to a phenomenal degree in a timely manner! Not only is she interning at FIMRC this summer, but she is also gaining experience through a HUP Internship (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania)!



Erin is currently entering her sophomore year at Cornell University, and is extremely passionate about helping others in an international setting. Her passion grew from a trip with MEDLIFE, where she traveled to Lima, Peru. We're excited to learn from her experiences, and put her passion to use in our office! Erin hopes to become a doctor and serve underserved populations- a perfect fit with FIMRC's mission! She has an inquisitive nature that is guided by the desire to responsibly take part in international development, which is extremely important in this field; it's a great piece to our HQ office puzzle!