Staff Highlight: Seline George


Her Role:

Seline George is FIMRC's Outreach Nurse at Project Kodaikanal. Basically, she's superwoman. She works both within the FIMRC clinic as well as through the creches with doctors. In addition, she manages the medical records for both the clinic and creches. Finally, she also helps with volunteer coordination!


How She Got Involved with FIMRC:

Seline used to work as a nurse in the local hospital and, in addition, was part time staff with FIMRC. When FIMRC started its own rural clinic in 2012 she was happy to join the FIMRC family full-time as outreach nurse (and we're so happy she did)!

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Her Favorite Part about FIMRC:

Seline is all about the kids! She loves visiting the creches on a daily basis and tracking the kids growth. You're able to empirically see the progress of each child from the interventions we carry out in all the creches. It is gratifying to do work when you actually see positive results.


Changes She's Witnessed in the Community:

Because Seline has been working with FIMRC for over 5 years, she's been able to witness how FIMRC had been a forerunner in advocating health within the communities it works. People change their health behavior and approaches after participating in monthly health education sessions. For instance, littering is a common problem in the community and health education is designed on problems faced in the community. As a result of learning about the negative effects of littering, participants cooperate in helping to the keep the community clean by not littering or helping to clean public spaces like the schools, or temple area.

Her Funniest Volunteer Memory:

Volunteers tend to show keen interest in learning the local language, Tamil. In the attempts to speak Tamil, they sometimes pronounce words in a funny way making it completely another word; sometimes it ends up being a curse word! Locally we find it extremely funny and entertaining to hear them speak/pronounce although we correct it later.


Her Personal Favorites:

Seline loves reading books and cooking Indian cuisine, especially her favorite Indian dish, Kerala style fish curry. 


What Makes Her an Asset to FIMRC:

Seline is a dedicated staff member with so much clinical experience as a nurse. She's also worked with many organizations in the past and carries ample of years of working with non-profits and played many leadership roles with in the community. She has constantly shown growth in her role by taking extra responsibilities. She trains the new staff on site with her years of experience with FIMRC. Shows great level of cultural adaptation in interacting with westerners. Her role in FIMRC has given her more identity in the community as an advocate of health.