An Inside Look: Project Alajuelita

It's incredible to work with such passionate and dedicated staff at each and every project site. Their hearts are grounded within their communities, and they are motivated by the very patients they help. Watch the video below to learn more about Project Alajuelita and its impact within Costa Rica directly from staff members Tatiana, Karen, and Dayan. 

Tatiana: Tati is our Field Operations Manager (FOM) and a psychologist for Project Alajuelita (she's the boss lady!). Her favorite food is plantains with avocado, and her favorite animal is Max (her dog!).

Dra. Karen: Karen is our staff pediatrician and also practices family medicine. Karen's favorite food is spinach and feta pizza, and her favorite animal is a perro salchicha (a Dauchshund- but it's fun to say!).

Dayan: Dayan is our Health Education Coordinator for Project Alajuelita. His favorite food is rice with chicken and his favorite animal is his dog, Renato!