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One More Week until #GivingTuesday!

We are counting down the days until #GivingTuesday arrives on Tuesday, November 28th. Project La Merced in Peru will be receiving 100% of the contributions raised! With your help, they will soon have the ability to purchase the testing apparatus to test at-risk children for anemia. On behalf of #GivingTuesday next week, we're celebrating some of our staff at Project La Merced through video testimonials. It's an honor to highlight such hardworking members of the FIMRC Family!


Alison Rees, Field Operations Administrator

Field Officers

Andrea Torres






Gaelle Perinet


Helen Vega


Alright, now that you're acquainted, grab your calendars and pencil in November 28th for #GivingTuesday! You can also check out why we chose this year's fundraising event to benefit children at Project La Merced in last week's blog, Giving the Gift of Access.

Donations can be made at anytime before #GivingTuesday on November 28th!


Shoutout to the very-worth-mentioning Project La Merced staff members not featured in these video testimonials:

Louise Power, Field Operations Manager

Luis Martin Azaña Carranza, Transportation Coordinator

Raul & Cynthia, Transport Team