Project Bududa: New Year, New Name!

Many of you may have noticed that Project Bumwalukani has recently changed to Project Bududa. DON'T PANIC! We're still serving the community of Bumwalukani proudly, but there are several reasons why altering the name to Project Bududa fit with our mission. The official new name of our clinic is FIMRC Bushika Health Center III. Read below to find out why!


1. We needed more space!

Our clinic in Bumwalukani was 'the place to be' where FIMRC staff served over 100 patients a day! Although our staff continued to do an amazing job at providing high quality care, the space was cramped and we weren't able to continue expanding services offered. We worked with the local government to obtain land in Bushika, and with the help of Construction for Change, we prepared to build a brand new clinic that would be a Tier III clinic, meaning it includes a maternity ward and space for in-patient care. We now serve nearly 200 patients per day, and have had over 55 births since the opening of the maternity ward!


2. we wanted to be accessible to a larger community!

The new clinic is located in the parish of Bushika and the district (like a county) of Bududa. With our new location we are now able to see patients from all around the district because we are more centrally located. Our community outreach has increased, and we've even established a Health Management Committee to help ensure we're serving the population effectively and find new ways to help FIMRC reach the community.


3. We remain true to who we serve!

FIMRC has always remained connected to our communities, and tries to reflect an accurate depiction of what that relationship looks like. Due to our move and the beneficial effect is has had and will continue to have, we wanted to display the accurate nature of where we are, what we do, and whom we serve. Although saying goodbye to the name "Project Bumwalukani," we think saying "Project Bududa" is just as fun!