SIHF 2016 Impact Report

SIHF Session I Fellows at Project Limón, Nicaragua

SIHF Session I Fellows at Project Limón, Nicaragua

Now that the 2016 Summer International Health Fellowship has come to an end, we have had time to debrief with field staff, review monthly reports, and have even had the chance to meet a few of our amazing Summer Health Fellows in person! It has been incredible to hear your stories, to see your photos, and to learn about the progress that has been made because of your efforts.

In order to showcase the accomplishments of our Fellows, we have created a SIHF 2016 Impact Report. While it is impossible to capture the scope of the contributions that were made this summer in just a few short pages, we hope this report helps to highlight the ways in which our Fellows have left an undeniable mark on our sites around the world. The SIHF 2016 Impact Report can be downloaded below.


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