Staff Spotlight: Dinah Sandoval

Dinah has been working with FIMRC since 2015, where her joy for travel brought her to Project Peru. Since she was little she's been traveling, and has now lived in 5 countries and visited 35 countries! She's been a huge factor in improving our two sites in Peru, Huancayo and La Merced, where she now calls home.  Dinah is full of love for life, and we're grateful for everything she does! Get to know Dinah a little better through the Q&A below:


1. What brought you to FIMRC?

I was brought to FIMRC because of my interest in community health. Also, FIMRC does its best to really get to know the communities we work in because we are not limited by timelines. There are many aid agencies that seek the greatest profit and spend most of their time keeping that flow coming which compromises work on the ground. I like FIMRC because it listens and works hand in hand with the community and although we report on our many accomplishments we do not drown ourselves on quantifying everything we do. We acknowledge that people are working with other people.


2. what is your favorite program you're currently implementing in peru, and why?

My favorite program is the Cuy Project because I get to work with the same group of women every week and they are amazing! The progress that they have shown in the past year has been impressive. I also like it because it's a program that is going to self-sustain itself for many years. And, within the first year of it launching, we have already seen many positive results.


3. What is your funniest memory from volunteers on site?

The volunteers always do some silly things which is great because laughter is a universal language. My volunteers are too serious at times but when they are with the children at Castilla y Leon or other child organizations, their inner child blossoms and it's very humbling to see.


4. What challenges have you overcome throughout your life?

Since my parents immigrated to the US from Mexico with only a junior-high education, they relied on the school system to do what is best for my education. I didn't know how to read until the age of 8, and so my 4th grade teacher made me stay after school to work with me on my reading. We began with kindergarten books and worked my way up. I'm ever grateful for that teacher. However, I was still very shy to read out loud in class the years following.

From there, since the school systems are not always there to guide you through every step, I had to find ways to navigate the system on my own in order to get myself to college. I even arrived on my own in a tax on my first year of university. I helped myself move into the dorms. So, you can say it helped me become self-reliant and think outside the box. :)


5. What are your favorites?

My favorite colors, food, and animals always change based on the years and new experiences. At the moment, I love different shades of blue. As for food, I love the tuna ceviche that I make. I can make that dish everywhere and love teaching it to others! I'm also addicted to chips of all kinds, and like putting lemon and chile on almost anything. I'm not much of an animal person, but I always would look out for giraffes when I was on safari; they remind me of dinosaurs.


6. what are some other fun facts about you?

I'm afraid of whales. I can't stand walking into a bathroom with a wet floor. So, pool bathrooms are my worst nightmare. I love things that can turn into other things, or get bigger, or have many functions. For instance: Swiss army knives, the lunch pales that have many compartments, or those multi-functional headscarves. My favorite TV shows include: The Big Bang Theory, The Mindy Project, and Modern Family.



Posted on December 8, 2016 and filed under Huancayo, Peru, Staff Highlight.