March Madness - Project Peru for the Win!

March was a very busy and exciting month at Project Peru with Volunteers from University of Michigan, Penn State University, Purdue University, Missouri State  University, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania! During the first two days for Volunteers at Project Trujillo, the Volunteers split into two small groups and each group visited a different clinic – el Bosque and Club de Leones.  Volunteers were able to shadow a variety of doctors, including nutritionists. The group also gave two charlas in an extremely impoverished neighborhood outside the city – Nuevo Jerusalem; one to a group of children about dental hygiene and one to women about high and low blood pressure signs and symptoms. The following day the group spent the morning at a local hospital – La Noria; some Volunteers observed in an emergency room, others in a dentist’s office. That afternoon back in Nuevo Jerusalem, the Volunteers spent the afternoon taking heights and weights of children to determine which children were malnourished. On their last day in Trujillo, half of the Volunteers returned to the hospital from the day before and the other half visited a physical therapy ward in a large hospital. In the afternoon, they went to orphanage with sports equipment and played with the kids.

In addition to touring Huancayo and shadowing doctors at Carrion Hospital, Volunteers in Huancayo were able to visit immobile patients in their homes with the staff from Concepcion Health Center.  They visited 26 patients and aided in exams such as taking blood pressure and temperatures.

One of the biggest successes Project Peru had in March was with their partnering agency, United People, when they were able to provide fluoride treatment to 3,000 students! In addition, the Volunteers gave talks about dental hygiene, donated toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Other activities included a hygiene charla at an orphanage, which included an interactive hand-washing demonstration. Since the hospitals were on strike, the Volunteers spent one morning campaigning with Peruvian medical students for donations for a jungle medical health brigade they are planning.

With such an exciting month of March at Project Peru, we are excited to see what else can be accomplished at the Sites of Huancayo, Trujillo and Agallpampa! Thank you to all of our Global Health Volunteers who helped to make March at Project Peru a success and aided in created healthier communities surrounding the Sites!

Thanks to the girls of Indiana University of Pennsylvania for the photos!