Site Update: Project Kodaikanal

It has been a busy Spring for FIMRC's nine Project Sites! Throughout the Spring, we try to highlight our Chapter's Global Health Volunteers on their Spring Break trips but we are so excited about the progress of children in the crèches and health education at Project Kodaikanal, we just had to share! Enjoy!

Project Kodaikanal
Project Kodaikanal

Our Site at Project Kodaikanal in India has seen many patients recently at the rural clinic for follow-ups from initial check ups. As a result of a new, in-clinic pharmacy patients are able to receive their medications directly from the clinic instead of visiting a pharmacy after their check ups which makes it easier for patients to adhere to their doctor’s suggestions and better health outcomes.

Doctors were able to visit children for routine examinations in the crèches and have noticed positive development in the children, although there were some cases of the common cold and upper respiratory infection. The crèches are vital to Kodaikanal’s community. The crèches are a combination of school, day care center, and health center for children between 2 and 5 years old. The crèches provide basic shelter, food, education, and care for the young children in the surrounding communities. The Staff at Project Kodaikanal provides comprehensive health care for every child in the Nathanael and Joshua crèches each week for routine checkups and treatment for illness. The crèches are so important for the community because they allow for older children in the families to return to school instead of watching after their younger siblings. FIMRC has found that attendance in the crèches has increased after our medical and nutritional interventions that ensure that children are receiving an adequate amount of calories each day in addition to their weekly check-ups.

The Site held a workshop on dermatological conditions common in the Kodaikanal community. Due to overcrowding and living in a congested environment, many skin infections, such as impetigo and contact dermatitis, are common. The dermatological workshop had 85 participants and was followed by a quiz competition for the participants! Although learning about skin conditions is not the most glamorous subject, incorporating the quiz with small prizes for those who have scored the highest allowed for a fun competition for participants!

Because of crowded living conditions in the community surrounding Project Kodaikanal, it is especially important the community to learn about basic health and hygiene. FIMRC’s Field Operations Manager was able to meet with the teachers in health education sessions and the teachers are now conducting health education sessions for students and their parents. We are excited to see how the information is used by the community and are hoping for a decrease in communicable diseases as a result of increased education!

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