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Project Alajuelita

Project Alajuelita

Las Delicias, El Salvador Project Las Delicias in El Salvador has started a new Maternal Health Program for all pregnant women and their partners in Las Delicias. They will be educated on different themes regarding their pregnancy so they are informed and able to make the best and healthiest decisions for themselves and their babies. The women will receive all needed prenatal supplements and regular check-ups in the clinic. Further, the women will also receive reimbursements for transport costs in case of an emergency.

We are also very proud of our Micro Health Insurance Sunday Group, because those 10 women have organized a great community education event about Intestinal Parasites. We welcomed 90 people to the clinic, of which 40 were adults and 50 were children. The women organized fun activities after their presentation and gave away 10 prizes to adults that answered questions correctly. They gave away 15 toothpastes to the children that were able to wash their hands really well (after being sprinkled with glitter which supposed to be bacteria). It was so much fun and all participants went home with a smile!

For more information about Micro Health Insurance, visit http://www.fimrc.org/what-we-do/micro-health-insurance-program.html

Project Limón, Nicaragua

Project Limón is proud to introduce their new pediatrican – Dr. Yandira Loaisiga!  We are excited about working with Dr. Loaisiga and look forward to collaborating to improve the health of the children in the area.  WELCOME, DR. LOAISIGA!

We have finished our Prenatal Program Curriculum to women in the community and have finished digging the well for the community! We have also implemented health education lessons in the waiting rooms to teach patients about parasites, breast feeding, respiratory infections and hygiene.

Project Alajuelita, Costa Rica

FIMRC Project Alajuelita gave 6 different health education lessons that reached a population of 126 people. Those who attended the lessons learned about cancer, skin cancer, HIV, Urinary Tract Infections, Parasites and dysplasia. The idea is that these health education lessons will spread the word and teach others because it is important to community members to learn from those in the community who they trust.

For more information about how to get involved, visit www.fimrc.org