Project Kodaikanal Updates!

Children at Kodaikanal
Children at Kodaikanal

It was a busy summer at Project Kodaikanal, helping children and their families to become healthier through prevention, education, and treatment. Children at our Project Kodaikanal Site in India have been sick with the common cold, however, through Dr. Arun’s visits and medicine delivered by FIMRC to families and schools, the number of sick children has decreased.  The FIMRC clinic and staff has also been making strides to decrease the number of underweight children in the community and there has been some improvement since August because of a food and wellness checkup intervention.  

The number of patients in the rural clinic is increasing due to the almost daily presence of FIMRC staff in the Pasam Trust Health Clinic, where a lot of patients have been notified about the presence of our rural clinic. Referrals of patients by Pasam Trust are common to the rural clinic and also help to increase the number of patients.

Three health education sessions were held; the first one was on general health and hygiene issues such as the importance of boiling water, washing hands, and covering food. The second topic was focused on the importance of Immunization and Vaccination. We also hosted a nutrition session to teach adolescents in the community how prepare healthy foods for their families.

Thank you to the FIMRC Staff, Corey, Maria, and Priyanka for all of your help and hard work this summer!