Central America Site Updates!

Project Limón, Nicaragua First, we would like to welcome a new Field Operations Manager, Christine Record! We are very excited to have Christine on board at Project Limon!

In July, medical students from MSU attended prenatal sessions and learned to use glucometers to check blood sugar levels for diabetics. Thanks for your hard work, guys!

Health education is underway at Project Limón, teaching elementary and middle school students about reproductive health. Teen pregnancy is a growing concern in Latin American countries and can be prevented through education such as the lessons given this month.

Prenatal lessons are also available for women and we are working on promoting attendance to these lectures to ensure the women in the community receive information about healthy pregnancies.

Big thanks to our Ambassadors this month –

Lynsa Nguyen worked on a comparative study about prenatal controls, Hallie Bagnal developed informative handouts for diabetics and taught school children about nutrition, Mallory Heinzeroth worked on the prenatal health program and recruited more participants, Sara Singer helped develop a reproductive health education curriculum, and Cate Khella helped to create a pediatric patient database and helped develop the reproductive health education curriculum. Thanks so much, ladies!

Project Alajuelita, Costa Rica

Project Alajuelita is also working on educating the community this month! FIMRC teaches about four health education sessions each month, teaching the community about Cancer, HIV, and Drug Abuse Prevention!

Health Education Class at Project Alajuelita

Health Education Class at Project Alajuelita

Project Las Delicias, El Salvador

FIMRC Las Delicias had a very productive month in June. We saw a total of 325 patients during this month due the quick spread of the common cold. Further, the clinic got a new cement entrance which makes the clinic better accessible for patients in a wheel chair and decreases the amount of dirt coming into the clinic during the rainy season. The Teen group went to Ice Age 4 which was a huge success, and the three new added members quickly found their place in the group.

We welcomed two fantastic volunteers on site for one month. To say that Megan and Ellie had a productive month volunteering for FIMRC would be an understatement. These girls went above and beyond their duties as volunteers to help better not only the clinic, but the Las Delicias community as well. One of their biggest accomplishments was creating an entirely new medical record system for the clinic in collaboration with clinic staff. The new patient folders contain the full name of the patient on a computer generated label as well as a color-coded dot to indicate gender. After the two weeks it took to complete this feat, the girls took the time to work with Dra.Blanca to ensure that she was comfortable with the new medical record system. This contribution will make a lasting impression on the clinic. . It was a pleasure to collaborate with these girls and their hard work is greatly appreciated and has not gone unnoticed.

FIMRC El Salvador thanks Megan and Ellie for their great contributions in the month of June!