Project Bumwalukani Staff Retreat-February 2012

Just wanted to highlight a wonderful update from FIMRC's Project Bumwalukani in Uganda. Here's a quick look at how the recent staff retreat went and some pieces from the report of events... Background

The first Project Bumwalukani Staff Retreat was held in Mbale, Uganda from 10th-12th February, 2012. Site staff at Project Bumwalukani are very dedicated to their work and work tirelessly to improve the health of families within and around Bumwalukani. The staff retreat was designed to accomplish three main goals, outlined below:

• First, to show site staff appreciation for their hard work. Working in rural and remote areas is challenging, and Project Bumwalukani staff have put great effort and dedication into improving preventive and curative health services in the district. • Second, the staff retreat was intended to give all staff a chance to relax and bond. Teamwork is an essential component of working in this type of environment. The staff retreat was intended to give everyone a chance to get to know each other better and strengthen our relationships to improve teamwork for the future. • Finally, this retreat was intended to be give all staff a chance to reflect on their work and set goals for the future.

Goal setting was also a very integral part of the retreat for the team...

Goals for Project Bumwalukani

Goals for FIMRC As FIMRC – Project Bumwalukani, our goals are to:  Improve health of patients by providing with high quality, efficient, and appropriate health care  Identify cases needing special attention from specialized personnel  Prevent disease by fighting ignorance and equipping CHEs and PEPEs with skills and knowledge necessary to carry education to the community

Goals for next six months Within the next six months, we hope to accomplish:  Evaluation of work of outreach programs including OVCs, MCH, and PEPEs  Improvement of referral system by providing PEPE/CHE escorts to patients who are given money for referral to other health centers  Equal opportunity for treatment for all patients: remove AAH student priority  CHE/PEPE training to conduct baseline population survey for catchment area  Increased community sensitization on topics concerning good health  HIV testing for all patients

Goals for 2012 calendar year By the end of 2012, our goals are to:  Offer daily antenatal care and immunizations  Purchase refrigerator (for storing lab reagents and  provideood care for all all HIV+ patients  Expand laboratory testing capabilities to include tests for brucella and typhoid

Goals for the next five years Within the next five years we hope for the following:  Expansion of the clinic: larger lab with more tests to reduce on transportation costs, expand stations to make two stations available for patient examination, maternity ward, larger store  Construct small inpatient unit for admissions, staff quarters, provide salary increases  Make available staff sponsorship for further education  Increase staff size, hire more health professionals including doctors  Have an ART clinic  Host visiting consultants for special cases and further trainings  Conduct ongoing evaluations of programs for continual improvement

So, there you have it: a quick snapshot of what's going on with FIMRC's Project Bumwalukani.

Happy Saturday, everyone. Stay tuned for more updates as Spring Break month ensues at FIMRC sites!

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