GHVP Volunteer Cardiologist Brings Heart (and an EKG Machine) To El Salvador

From the desk of FIMRC CEO Meredith Mick...

A little over a year ago, a cardiologist reached out to FIMRC hoping to work within El Salvador due to his connection with an adopted son.  Since then, his impact has been felt both within the Las Delicias community as well as within the region.  Dr. Raab works on a system of referrals - both by the local Health Promoter as well as referrals made by physicians in the government clinic located in the area.  Through time Dr. Raab has donated not only his time and expertise, but essential medications and equipment that is not available in El Salvador. 

The EKG is the only machine available in the nation at a government clinic called the Unidad de Salud.

Local staff training has taken place to ensure proper referrals are taking place and patients are able to receive an EKG without having to go to the regional hospital where they may have to wait months for an appointment to receive an EKG test.  Due to the delay in services, many patients often opt not to receive such treatments.  This gives them a local option and quick turnaround for necessary testing.

Recently, four Michigan State University LMU students participated in a month-long rotation at Project Las Delicias.  More information regarding their rotation can be found at

During their time on-site, they were able to take advantage of one of Dr. Raab's screening visits to learn about how to read an EKG, among many other topics in cardiology.

A huge thank you goes to Dr. Raab for his continued dedication to the people of Las Delicias and the outlying areas.  The quality of care that he brings is top notch.  We look forward to many more successful opportunities to work and learn from him.

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