Spring Volunteer Spots Still Available at FIMRC Sites!

Well, it's certainly been a minute since we've posted here. We'll begin today with a time-sensitive message from our new Global Health Volunteer Program Manager, Nikos Petrides (he'll introduce himself to you in an upcoming blog post soon enough, so hold tight!). 

From the desk of Nikos Petrides, FIMRC GHVP Manager....

We currently have (limited) availability at several of our sites this spring, and we want you, our FIMRC faithful, to have the first opportunity to reserve your spots for the spring, whether it's an alternative spring break option or simply a way for you to begin your time as a global health volunteer! These spots will be awarded on a first-come-first served basis, so if you’re not already signed up for a trip, please let us know if you are interested right away! Just e-mail missions@fimrc.org and we'll see to it that you get the information that you require.

Costa Rica:

·        February 25 – March 3: 15 Spots

·        March 10 – 17: 8 Spots


·        BOOKED!

El Salvador:

·        February 25 – March 3: 12 Spots

·        March 3 – 10: 6 Spots

·        March 24 – April 1: 12 Spots

Peru (Trujillo/Agallpampa):

·        February 25 – March 3: 10 Spots

·        March 10 – 17: 10 Spots

·        March 17 – 24: 12 Spots

Peru (Huancayo):

·        February 25 – March 3: 10 Spots

·        March 3 – 10: 12 Spots

·        March 10 – 17: 3 Spots

·        March 17 – 24: 12 Spots

·        March 24 – April 1: 12 Spots

If you or any of your chapter members are interested in traveling to one of our Project sites this spring, please let us know as soon as possible! Together, we can make an impact in our global community and ensure our youngest generation a brighter, healthier future.

Thanks, Nikos! Hope that some of you readers who haven't already make it to the field this spring with FIMRC!

Posted on January 26, 2012 and filed under News from the FIMRC Field, Chaptership.