FIMRC at Brandeis showcases Ugandan cuisine and FIMRC, too!

Happy December, everyone! FIMRC is terribly proud of its university chapters and the support they provide our project sites. We're always excited to share some of the wonderful ways that they do this. For example, FIMRC at Brandeis recently hosted a Ugandan Food Night.  Keep scrolling down to learn a little bit about what they did and to see some pictures from the event as well.  On 11/28, Brandeis FIMRC hosted Ugandan Food Night, an event to raise awareness about global health issues and the work that FIMRC does abroad.  It was a great success!  Various dishes such as Mandazi, Steamed Plantains, Fried Sweet Potato, Steamed Yuka, and Beef and Vegetable Samosas were provided by Karibu, a local restaurant, for the event.  During the night, students were able to sample authentic Ugandan food and ask questions about FIMRC.  In addition, flyers and brochures about each of the FIMRC sites were handed out.  Students commented that they learned a lot from the event and would be interested in participating in future FIMRC activities!


Thanks for sharing, FIMRC at Brandeis! We're so happy to be able to showcase the kinds of things you're doing. And this is just a reminder to all FIMRC Chapters: if you've got an event you'd like to share with the FIMRC network, let us know (just fill out the form on the Contacts page)! We'll put a spotlight on it and share it with the entire FIMRC family!

Posted on December 5, 2011 and filed under Chapter Highlights, FIMRC Stories, Chaptership, Uganda.