We hit $1000 on Philanthroper and the new number is now $1532!

Hello, FIMRC! WE MADE IT! WE DID IT! With over 11 hours left, we made it to $1000!

We cannot thank our donors and supporters, our families and our friends, ENOUGH for helping us spread the word in such a short amount of time.

We're not stopping at $1000, either. We're like to keep pushing. We have until 10am EST and we want to keep the momentum going. So keep pushing and keep spreading the FIMRC love.

We're going to try to break the Philanthroper record for money raised by just $1. This idea was actually given to me by a dear friend and supporter of FIMRC. So thank you, you-know-who-you-are :-).

The new number, you ask? $1532.

11 hours and 15 minutes left. Let's keep going!