Chaptership Newsletters

For those of you who have the fortune of being a part of our chaptership program and even for those of you who don't, I'd like to place the spotlight on our chaptership newsletters. FIMRC Ambassador,Emily Antoszyk, keeps the FIMRC chaptership network educated and updated on a number of health-and humanitarian-related topics that are relevant to the work that FIMRC carries out at each of our project sites. She does this with a pretty simple method: our chaptership newsletters!

For example, the September 2011 issue features a focus on first aid and includes interviews from Project Limon Program Manager Greg McDonald and Project Bumwalukani Community Health Educator Wilson Masawi.

Past issues include the following topics:

August 2011-World Mosquito Day

July 2011-Doctor's Day

June 2011-World Refugees

May 2011-Mental Health

March 2011-The State of Nutrition

February 2011-Dental Health

January 2011-World Environment Day

December 2010-AIDS Awareness

Chapters, please make use of these great newsletters in ways that you find them to be helpful-whether it's raising awareness at your schools and in your communities, utilizing it for FIMRC fundraising, or simply distributing the information within the chapter itself.

If you don't have access to the chaptership newsletters and would like to have this, please fill out the form found on the Contact page to let us know.

Thanks for all of your hard work, Emily! Your impact is invaluable.