FIMRC at Georgia Tech


Tomorrow marks the beginning of the fall 2011 semester at Georgia Tech and more specifically, the beginning of a new year for FIMRC at Georgia Tech, a chapter very near and dear to my heart.  As you might imagine, the nostalgia has set in. So without further ado, read on to know more about FIMRC at Georgia Tech got started and has continued to grow!

The founders of the FIMRC's chapter at Georgia Tech learned about this wonderful non-profit in the fall of 2006 and embarked on the first Spring Break trip to Costa Rica and Project Alajuelita in March of 2007.

The members of Georgia Tech's first FIMRC outreach trip in 2007 brought back amazing stories and galvanized the energy necessary for a second Spring Break trip in March of 2008, to newly created Project Las Delicias in El Salvador.

Energy from this trip allowed our chapter to begin continuing outreach efforts in the Atlanta area and planning began for the Spring Break trip in March of 2009-this time to Trujillo and Agallpampa, Peru. As founding members began to prepare for graduation, a new set of energized members carried us through our first benefit dinner and into the next year.

The 2009-2010 school year brought a number of changes and even more energy and enthusiasm-from tailgating fundraisers at our football games to the creation of a corporate packet for prospective donors to volunteer activities at local schools and events for children to the expansion of 3 trip groups to FIMRC sites in during winter 2009 alone (Nicaragua/Project Limon, Costa Rica, and El Salvador)! We ended the year with 2 more great Spring Break trips (El Salvador and Nicaragua), and our second annual benefit dinner, where we were fortunate enough to have FIMRC's founder and president, Dr. Vikram Bakhru, as our guest speaker.

During my time as co-President this past year, FIMRC at Georgia Tech trucked through to keep the momentum of the previous year going. We continued to advertise and organize our FIMRC winter and spring trips to Nicaragua, Peru, El Salvador, and Costa Rica to fellow students and to advocate for outreach efforts in the Atlanta area itself, worked toward fundraising goals, and persevered through the many challenges that student organizations face: sustainability, consistency, and keeping the interest and passion alive. The move toward becoming invested in a site project was initiated and we worked to garner interest from a more academic perspective so that our impact on FIMRC and the children and communities it serves is a more permanent one.

FIMRC at Georgia Tech continues to stand strong and bold this year, and I could not be more excited for what the year holds. Keep checking the blog for more updates about this great chapter, or if you happen to be in the Atlanta area and want to connect with the chapter directly, feel free to contact FIMRC at Georgia Tech at the following e-mail address:

Good luck this year, GT FIMRC 2011-2012 Executive Board!