Site Stats!

We thought it would be helpful to cue our followers in on some of our numbers at our sites around the world over the last few months:

  • In December, FIMRC had 74 volunteers on site and 129 in January for a grand total of 203 volunteers for Christmas Break. A new record for FIMRC!
  • For the month of March alone, we are expecting over 130 volunteers, supporting the mission of FIMRC, to travel abroad to one of our sites.
  • El Salvador was able to hold a physical therapy clinic due to the efforts of Katie Ashbaugh, a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Dr. Ashbaugh held "charlas" or lessons on site to the community of Las Delicias promoting the importance of stretching as well as saw patients during her time with us.
  • The clinic in El Salvador also saw 179 patients during the dental campaign thanks mostly to the Ahluwalia family.
  • The clinic in Peru will give fluoride to around 570 children to protect their teeth.

Please stay tuned for the next month as we hope to share volunteer's testimonials and highlight the unique and exciting opportunities our sites offer.