New Doctor in Nicaragua!

FIMRC would like to welcome Dr. Morales to our site in Nicaragua. In the short time he has been there, Dr. Morales has already begun to make an impact on the community. The site in Nicaragua is located 20 miles southeast of Rivas in a popular tourist area known for surfing. As one of the poorest countries in the Americas, nearly half of Nicaragua's population lives below the property line and is dependent on already overflowing government clinics. Child mortality rates are particularly high as only 6.3% of the population possesses health insurance. FIMRC has aimed to combat this by forming partnerships with other health clinics and by opening our own pediatric clinic in the area. Dr. Morales is the regions ONLY registered pediatrician. Here are some quotes from on site:

For me, working with Dr. Morales was one of the highlights of my experience in Nicaragua.  He shows true compassion for each and every patient that he sees.  He listens intently to the concerns of the parents and is able to give them not only medical advice but also peace of mind.  They seem very grateful for his help and advice.  It was great to be able to observe his interactions with his patients.  He was also very receptive to questions from students.  He encouraged us to ask questions and would take the time to thoroughly answer any questions we had.  It was also very educational to see the pathology of the patients.  There were some patients who had illnesses that I had previously only read about.  I was able to gain exposure to many illnesses that I may only see once or twice in a lifetime.  Being able to listen to the patient’s history and see the illnesses first hand is something I will never forget.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience working with Dr. Morales.

-MSU CHIRP Volunteer

The FIMRC pediatric program is an excellent idea that has brought satisfaction to all of the mothers that have utilized the service.  The health of our children is important but because of economic limitations, many mothers don’t have the ability to bring our children to be treated by a specialist. Today, thanks to God and FIMRC we have this ability and we feel very happy because the attention that Dr. Morales provides is very good and furthermore he is very caring with the children.

-Local Mother

Having Dr. Morales working in the community improves the health services in the community. It improves the benefits and quality medical attention in children less than 5 years of age. Dr.  Morales improves the detection and intervention in pediatric complications. The pediatric health program shortens the waiting list for pediatric attention at the Rivas Hospital. It also provides improved accessibility to quality medications and attention in a population that has a great need.

-Local healthcare provider (Nurse)