Support Community Health Educators!


FIMRC is proud to announce a new development of the FIMRC outreach in Uganda. In June of 2009, 16 volunteers were selected to partake in an outreach program designed to meet the healthcare needs of the Eastern Uganda region. The model used by FIMRC paralleled that designed by the Uganda Ministry of Health instituted specifically for a "Village Health Team." The lack of infrastructure and education was the primary exigence of the initiative. Here are some facts about the Eastern Uganda area:

  • The area for men and women has on average a 4% less literacy rate
  • Immunizations for those less than 1 year old is down ~5%
  • Contraceptive use of any kind is down 3%
  • HIV testing is down 5.7%

All percentages are based on the national average of Uganda, which is already about a fourth of the rates of the United States. More quantified data with sources can be found here. By all means, FIMRC's initiative with Project Bumwalukani is addressing the immediate needs of the community.

Often times, it requires many years to see the result of healthcare initiatives in a country; however, already 1,582 households have been visited, serving 3,118 with first aid; 353 households have been educated through one of 15 education programs; and 1,680 patients have been tested for HIV (262 HIV+, approximately double the national average).

By all means the Community Health Educator's have begun to make a stalwart impact on the Eastern Uganda region, but it cannot end here. The building of education and infrastructure in the area grows exponentially - every educated parent passes his or her knowledge onwards to their children which grows from generation to generation. In order to truly impact the Eastern Uganda region, FIMRC needs sponsors for Community Health Educators. As we approach the holiday season, consider outreaching from your home and truly impacting the world in which we live for the better. Learn more!