Cookstoves in Rural India Making Headlines

Our cookstove chimney project in Kodaikanal, India has been clearing out the smoke in homes for three years now. A few weeks ago we began seeing news articles throughout Indian media sources talking about pollution, respiratory health, and (you guessed it) cookstoves in rural homes! Here's a look into Project Kodaikanal's chimney project, and new developments in related research studies.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Most of our volunteers spend many months preparing themselves for their service trip abroad. When 2-time alumna Trang Tran arrived in Peru to find her luggage was still in Florida, those plans quickly changed. Luckily, she was traveling with the FIMRC Family, and she packed her optimism and flexibility in a carry-on!

Intentional Growth

We have the privilege of witnessing how our collaborative efforts on the ground make an impact. Seeing the results of our hard work is encouraging, and also prompts us to advance our mission in even more underserved communities. From providing patients with access to healthcare, to leading support groups and health education sessions, we're committed to growing our impact abroad in 2018.