Nutrition Club

Nutrition Club


University of Wisconsin

FIMRC plans to build upon the site’s current 8-week kids club sessions. Mini Chefs will include nutrition education and meal preparation opportunities for children ages 12-18.

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As a follow-up to Project Anconcito's popular Chicas Maravillas / Chicos Superman Kids Clubs, staff will be offering a new club for youth ages 12-18, focusing on healthy diet and lifestyle habits. Nutrition is often a factor in the development of many chronic diseases in Anconcito, like stunting, anemia, diabetes, and hypertension. We know that it’s one thing to teach students what a balanced plate should look like, and another to put on an apron, create and taste healthy recipes! Students will learn to prepare healthy and satisfying meals with the resources available to them in their community. During each 8-week session, we will also plan time to discuss safety in the kitchen, hygienic food preparation, nutrition, the importance of exercise, and even try cuisines from different parts of the world! The budget will cover the initial purchase of cooking equipment like portable electric stoves, pots and pans, and utensils, as well as the cost of ingredients to hold the course 3 times throughout the year.