Child Nutrition Initiative

Child Nutrition Initiative


Queen's University

FIMRC has developed 8-week training sessions to educate families on health lifestyle techniques and to provide essential vitamins and gardening supplies.

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In 2017, FIMRC Anconcito began our Child Nutrition Initiative to address the problems of malnutrition and anemia in children under 5. In Project Anconcito's 2016 census, we found that about 25% of children under 5 in Anconcito are underweight or stunting. Thus staff developed a nutrition course and during the first 8-week session, worked with 18 mothers whose children were identified as chronically malnourished. The course is taught by Project Anconcito's staff nutritionist, and topics include everything from nutrition for pregnant mothers and infants to healthy school snacks and food safety. Upon graduating from the class, participants receive monthly follow-up visits from our nutritionist and volunteers to check on the growth of the children and to provide individual support to each family. While continuously encouraging these families to live a healthy life, we will also be implementing trainings on home gardens for graduates of the course and providing seeds to grow nutritious plants. Each 8-week course can be adopted for $200 dollars, which provides for a nutrition workbook for each mother, daily vitamins for the children, supplies and transportation for the course, as well as garden supplies that participants receive during the follow-up period. We hope to conduct three sessions of the Child Nutrition Initiative throughout the year.