Agentes de Salud

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Agentes de Salud


Agentes de Salud is a program for training teenagers in health outreach for the community, and those who graduate assist FIMRC with their efforts. Costs for this project include all transportation and program costs during the training, and can be adopted individually at $350 each.

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Our first health agents class was initially adopted by our Clemson University chapter. We have now run
the class with two different groups of teenagers interested in community health education and have
identified key elements needed to adapt the program and reach our objectives. The new program is run
during afterschool hours to reach the most dedicated youth willing to make the commitment. It will
consist of monthly trainings with a community outreach assignment tied to each month’s topic. Topics
include leadership, sexual health, hygiene, and mosquito-borne illnesses. Volunteer work is
incorporated within the program and once the volunteers have completed the program they receive a
certificate, t-shirt and additional training as community health education needs arise. After graduating
from the program, they will assist FIMRC with additional outreach efforts within their communities.