Volunteer in El Salvador

As a volunteer in El Salvador, you will have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the community of Las Delicias! Volunteers will work with FIMRC field staff and other local organizations to work toward the goals of our community health initiatives. Volunteers will typically spend part of the day working in our very own clinic, assisting the doctor and staff. Outside the clinic, volunteers will run health education lessons and perform house calls throughout the community with the Community Nurse. Volunteers may also participate in health initiatives and home visits in the neighboring community of Las Brisas, a beautiful hike from the clinic. Volunteers can help select themes for health lessons such as hygiene, nutrition or disease prevention. 

Our program is open to volunteers of all ages and educational or professional backgrounds. As our sites are open year-round, volunteers are welcome to travel at any time and for any length of time. We accept volunteers traveling individually as well as groups of various sizes.

Over the course of your trip you'll receive an unfiltered experience in health care field work abroad, and learn about the tremendous impact that even one person can have. At our end, so as to maximize your contribution, we will tailor your experience based on current needs, your interests, training, and amount of time that you spend with us on-site in Las Delicias. All volunteers will find a wealth of opportunities to make a difference!

What You Can Do

You will have the opportunity to participate in both the clinical and health education aspects of operations on-site, and activities can range from patient intake in the clinic, prenatal home visits with the local health promotor to leading health education sessions in a local school. Volunteers may also have the opportunity to visit the local healthcare facilities such as the government run clinic or public hospital.

The nature of a volunteer mission to Las Delicias will vary depending on the number of volunteers in each group, the length of the volunteer trip, respective proficiencies in Spanish, medical expertise, and the current needs of the community and the clinic upon arrival. Please note that a volunteer’s level of training will determine the extent of involvement in medical activities. Your experience varies depending on these factors, but what we can guarantee is that every volunteer mission will be culturally and socially enlightening. Every volunteer will have opportunities to examine El Salvador's systems of medical provision and contribute to ongoing operations at Project Las Delicias. 

Interested to read more about what previous volunteers say about their trip? Make sure to check out our testimonials page to hear more about what the FIMRC experience is all about!

Sample Itinerary

The following is a sample itinerary of a one-week volunteer mission with Project Las Delicias. This itinerary has been made to provide a clear, general impression of the way volunteer time is spent. Please note, however, that in order to ensure that a volunteer's work has the greatest, most relevant impact on clinic and community, volunteer schedules are established upon a volunteer's arrival at the clinic.








Depart accommodations

Depart accommodations

Depart accommodations

Depart accommodations

Depart accommodations

9:00 - 12:00

Patient care in clinic

Work in pharmacy

Patient intake

Patient care in clinic

Patient care in clinic

12:00 – 1:00






1:00 - 4:00

Prenatal house visits with nurse

Health education in school

Elderly care in home

Biometric screening for children under 5

Prenatal house visits




Volunteers stay in one of two options depending on group size and length of stay. The first and more frequently used option is a FIMRC approved home stay with a local family. Homestays are located within walking or biking distance of the clinic.

Our Clinic Doctor and Field Operations Manager screen all host families and ensure that all FIMRC standards are met. Volunteers are asked to indicate all housing preferences, including meal requests and pet/food allergies in the enrollment forms. All houses are clean and comfortable.

Larger groups of volunteers may stay at the Hotel La Posada del Angel located in a safe neighborhood of San Salvador. Our staff do their best to honor all rooming preferences as stated in the enrollment forms. 



All transportation will be provided by reputable hired drivers with outstanding safety records. Upon arrival at the San Salvador airport, volunteers are met by our driver and are transported to the hotel. Private transportation is provided for each volunteering day between the Volunteer House, the clinic site, and all other volunteering locations in and around the community of Las Delicias.





Breakfast is provided daily by the hotel each morning. Lunch is provided in the clinic. Volunteers are responsible for purchasing dinner from a provided list of reputable meal vendors. 


Trip Cost

The cost of your program includes the program donation that supports our project sites as well as housing, food, & transportation. Transportation includes airport pick up/drop off and transportation to/from project site during volunteer days, and two meals per day for the duration of the volunteer’s stay. Excursions and trips for non-volunteer related activity as well as the associated costs are the responsibility of the volunteer.

By arranging lodging, food, and transport for you, we enable you to safely experience the local culture and focus your energy on the work you will be doing in the community! 

The following cost structure reflects individual participation in the Global Health Volunteer Program at Project Las Delicias:

  • $1234 per week

For long-term volunteer experiences, contact missions@fimrc.org to discuss a discounted cost structure.

Additional approximate costs include:

  • Roundtrip airfare generally ranging between $400-$700
  • Recommended spending money of $150 per week, at the discretion of the volunteer



Volunteers are responsible for arranging their own flights and must fly in and out of San Salvador Comalapa International Airport (code SAL). If you are traveling with a group, please coordinate with your fellow group members to ensure that you arrive and depart together. 

FIMRC partners with StudentUniverse, a company that provides discounted airfare to students as well as individuals ages 18 - 25 years old. While not required, volunteers are are able to take advantage of this partnership through booking discounted flights online at: 


If you wish to work with a travel agent, please feel free to contact Leah Webster, FIMRC's Travel Specialist at StudentUniverse (617-321-3264 ; leah.webster@studentuniverse.com). If traveling individually, there is a $35 booking fee to work with Leah; however, if traveling with a group of 10 or more volunteers, Leah will arrange your group travel at no additional cost.

If booking online through participating companies, we ask that you please consider registering with www.igive.com/fimrc. Once you register, iGive will automatically donate a portion of every online purchase you make with selected vendors (including many major airline booking companies) to FIMRC, which means you will make even more of an impact on children’s health at no additional cost to you. 



Passport - US citizens can enter El Salvador with a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity from the date of travel prior to the expiration date listed. Volunteers who do not hold a US passport must check with their respective embassies for information on travel eligibility. Volunteers are responsible for obtaining or renewing their passports and ensuring that all travel documents are in order.

Visa - US passport holders are not required to obtain a visa prior to travel. A tourist visa can be purchased at the San Salvador airport upon arrival in-country. Non-US passport holders should check with their respective embassies for current visa requirements and regulations. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring that they are legally eligible to travel abroad.

Vaccinations - We refer all volunteers to the information provided by the Centers for Disease Control at www.cdc.gov/travel for the most up to date vaccination recommendations. Please note the different recommendations not only for the country you are visiting, but also for the region in which you will be staying.


Travel Insurance

FIMRC has partnered with Worldwide Risk Management (WRM) to assist in providing you with adequate international travel and medical insurance. WRM specializes in providing international health insurance to mission groups, volunteer organizations, and individuals traveling overseas for missions and humanitarian relief. FIMRC and WRM would like to suggest the Outreach Travel Medical Insurance product as the most appropriate insurance plan for your traveling needs. It is designed for the individual short term volunteer traveling for five days and up to 12 months. Outreach Travel provides medical benefits, emergency evacuation, terrorism coverage, natural disaster benefits, trip interruption, and lost luggage benefits. These are just a few highlights and coverage depends upon the plan that you choose. If you would like to get a quote or are ready to purchase, click here.

If you should have any questions about insurance coverage or would like a no obligation quote, please do not hesitate to contact FIMRC’s insurance agent at WRM at info@worldwiderisk.com. Please provide your age, date of birth, country of citizenship, destination country, dates of trip, and trip cost when requesting a quote.

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There's no better way to truly learn about a different country than by immersing yourself fully in the culture and a community. 

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The enrollment process begins once you work with our team to confirm your volunteering site and trip dates. Upon confirmation, you will be sent a welcome email which will contain instructions for enrollment, as well as deadlines for the submission of materials. If you have questions about how this process works, do not hesitate to contact missions@fimrc.org or 1-888-211-8575. Click below to receive more information or to begin the enrollment process!